March 26, 2021

it's a glo morning

it's a glo morning

hey bb's! welcome to my first blog post 🥰


so, a morning routine - it's something that we all know is great to have, but actually having one that works for you is the difficult part. i always get asked how do i stay so consistent with waking early, but in all honesty, i have always been someone who prefers to wake up early as i LOVE to work out early in the mornings.


for those of you who identify better with night owls, enjoying early wake-ups is probably completely unrelatable! so, let me ask you a few questions:

- do you feel like you don't have enough time in the day?

- do you feel fatigued / irritable throughout the day?

- do you struggle with staying positive?

if you answered yes to any or all of the questions, correcting your sleep schedule is one sure way to help! 


research shows that inadequate sleep, whether it's short or poor quality, can affect your mental health, hormones, digestion and overall productivity levels. this does not mean that you need to wake up at 5AM but it does mean you will greatly benefit from a consistent sleeping pattern, particularly when it comes to achieving your fitness goal. i always ensure that my clients follow a consistent sleeping schedule as it has a massive effect on their progress and mood.


so, here are my top tips for getting to bed early:

- get into bed an hour earlier than you normally do, if you struggle to sleep, try:

*my favourite ASMR video

*headspace app

*valerian tea

*a sleeping mask to block out the light

- avoid screen time AND any caffeine before bed 

- set 5 alarms - yes 5! i set my alarms at 10 minute intervals, it truly just annoys me knowing that they will keep going off so i just force myself out of bed - but then some days i feel good at the sound of the first alarm and hop out straight away!

- prepare your clothes and routine the night before, so when it's time to wake up, you know you have a plan of action in place - this will leave you feeling more relaxed as you don't have as much to do in the morning.


if going to sleep early is not the issue, it may be the fact that your struggling to even get out of bed, so this next section is for you.


how to stop yourself from going back to sleep:

- the interval alarms help for sure - don't turn them all off when you wake up, just in case you fall asleep again.

- drink a glass of water - you can keep this beside your bed if you prefer, it'll help to wake you up and get your morning routine started.

- run straight to the bathroom as soon as you're out of bed and wash your face to wake yourself up.

- play some music! music is the first thing i play in the morning, positive vibes pumping through the speakers is everything i need to get me in a good mood and ready to start the day. if you're looking for some playlist inspo, head over to my spotify.

- get dressed - my go-to is putting on workout clothes to get me ready for a solid session, but whatever outfit is going to get you up and moving, put it on!


put these tips to the test and glo up your sleeping routine sis - and if you've found this post helpful, i would love to hear from you over on my glowithpri account. happy sleeping!