my name is priya, and i am a qualified level 3 personal trainer specialising in strength and hypertrophy.

i have been working as a trainer for over 4 years now, and training myself for 7+.

my goal is to use my knowledge to help other women grow both physically and mentally.

nothing makes me happier to see my clients transform into strong and confident individuals who not only love their bodies more than before, but also love themselves in a completely new way!

i am excited to see how i can help and guide you on your health and fitness journey.

it's time to grow and glo - together.

the glo philosophy

to glo is to grow into the best version of yourself, only for yourself.
the glo philosophy is all about working closely together to ensure that you are understood and accommodated. i am committed to teaching you how to sustain a lifestyle that works for you and allows you to flourish into an even more vibrant and strong being. are you ready to glo?