virtual pt sessions

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what are virtual pt sessions?

virtual pt sessions are conducted via your preferred method of contact (zoom/Facetime).

i will be taking you through the workout, guiding and correcting your form and also providing you with motivation and confidence to push yourself at the gym.

it could be encouraging you on an unfamiliar machine, helping you hit a new personal best on an exercise or even just helping to boost your mood so that you stay motivated even on the days you don't feel so motivated, i'm here to be your support every step of the way!

how are the pt sessions structured?

all sessions will be tailored according to your goals that we discuss on our consultation call.

the duration of each session is 45min-1h and will be focused on weight training.

cardiovascular sessions will be performed in your own time, but i will provide you with guidance on when to do this, should you need to.

how do i get started?

please fill out the contact form to enquire further about this option.