March 20, 2021

chicken, potato and avocado

chicken, potato and avocado

healthy dishes do not have to be boring - seasoning is key!
chicken is my go-to when i need a high protein meal but the typical chicken and broccoli meals are not my vibe. so, here's how i make it work for me - healthy and super delicious!



176g chicken breast, diced

5g nando's lemon and herb powder

130g baby potatoes, boiled

57g avocado

10g cheddar cheese (optional)



- wash the chicken breast in distilled water and lemon, then dice into bite-sized pieces.

- coat in the nandos seasoning as your prepare the potatoes.

- wash the baby potatoes and, if preferred, peel them.

- place the potatoes into a pot of boiling water and keep on the boil until soft - check the softness by poking a potato with a fork.

- once the potatoes are in the pot, spray the grill pan with fry light and begin cooking your chicken on a medium heat until white inside.

- for the avocado, slice and season as you wish. just ensure it's freshly sliced as soon as the potatoes and chickens are done so you can enjoy the full meal while it's at it's best.

- optional: grate some cheese over the potatoes, and season the rest of the meal with salt and pepper, to taste.



kcals: 447

protein: 45.8g

carbohydrates: 23.4g

fats: 13.3g