• omelette and avocado toast

    omelette and avocado toast
    i was in the mood for a filling brunch today and eggs and avocado on toast is always my go-to! this recipe is super quick and easy and contains all the good stuff we look for in a nutritious meal.
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  • tuna pasta

    tuna pasta
    if you need a light lunch, this tuna pasta is the perfect's refreshing, quick, full of protein and the best part of this recipe, it doesn't have an overwhelming tuna smell or taste!
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  • yaki soba dupe

    yaki soba dupe
    if you're a wagamama's fan, then you came to the right recipe!
    i was actually shocked (and pleasantly surprised) at how much the taste resembled my favourite wagamama's dish yaki soba.
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  • salmon, rice and veg

    salmon, rice and veg
    healthy fats are so important in your diet and fish is a great way to incorporate them. salmon is high in omega fats which can help support blood cholesterol levels as well as hormonal balance.
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  • chicken, potato and avocado

    chicken, potato and avocado
    healthy dishes do not have to be boring - seasoning is key!
    chicken is my go-to when i need a high protein meal but the typical chicken and broccoli meals are not my vibe. so, here's how i make it work for me - healthy and super delicious!
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