March 22, 2021

omelette and avocado toast

omelette and avocado toast

i was in the mood for a filling brunch today and eggs and avocado on toast is always my go-to! this recipe is super quick and easy and contains all the good stuff we look for in a nutritious meal.


couple of notes:

i didn't have the exact weight for the bread as it was just a seeded baguette so it's not included in the nutrition information - depending on the bread you use, the calories and macros will differ.

to reduce the fats: take out the egg yolk / reduce the avocado amount.

to reduce the carbs: remove the bread.



3 eggs

0.5 small onion

spinach leaves, washed

1 slice of bread, of your choice

61g avocado

paprika, to taste



- in a bowl, combine the eggs, red onion and spinach - at this point, add in some salt and garam masala spice.

- place into a non-stick pan and cook until both sides are golden brown.

- toast your bread just before the omelette is fully cooked.

- slice and add the avocado onto the bread - season to taste.


nutrition (not including the bread)

kcals: 332

protein: 19g

carbohydrates: 3.7g

fats: 25.3g