March 20, 2021

tuna pasta

tuna pasta

if you need a light lunch, this tuna pasta is the perfect option.
it's refreshing, quick, full of protein and the best part of this recipe, it doesn't have an overwhelming tuna smell or taste!



100g tuna chunks, in brine

5g salad cream

30g wholewheat fusilli pasta, uncooked

70g cucumber, diced

1 lemon slice



- add the pasta into a pan of water and bring to the boil.

- in the mean time, drain the tuna and combine with the salad cream, cucumber and a squeeze of lemon.

- stir the pasta in with the tuna once cooked.

- optional: add salt and pepper, to taste.



kcals: 227

protein: 27.9g

carbohydrates: 21.8g

fats: 2.5g