March 20, 2021

salmon, rice and veg

salmon, rice and veg

healthy fats are so important in your diet and fish is a great way to incorporate them. fish like salmon is super high in omega fats which can help support blood cholesterol levels as well as hormonal balance.



120g salmon

chilli flakes

0.5 lemon

90g tilda basmati rice and quinoa (microwavable)

10g pine nuts

38g avocado

100g mixed vegetables, cooking method of choice



- if using uncooked rice, soak the rice for a few hours in warm water, before you begin cooking.

- place the rice in new water and bring to the boil.

- place the salmon in the pan, skin side down. add the seasonings and cover with a lid and continue to cook until the colour is a light peach.

- be sure to keep an eye on the rice, ensure you stop cooking once the rice is soft to bite.

- for the vegetables, you can boil them or buy microwavable packs - it's entirely up to you! whatever you choose, just ensure their cooking time finishes as soon as the salmon and rice are done so you can enjoy the meal while it's nice and hot.



kcals: 559

protein: 27.9g

carbohydrates: 29.4g

fats: 35.5g