March 20, 2021

chocolate berry protein pancakes (v)

chocolate berry protein pancakes (v)

i whipped up these pancakes today and they are so so fluffy - and vegan!
again, another simple recipe where you just need to throw it all in a bowl and stir so get your bake on with these amazing protein pancakes.


ingredients (one serving)

15g free soul chocolate protein

15g berry protein

40g plain flour

65g fage 0% greek yoghurt

0.5tsp baking powder

100ml oat milk



- combine all of the dry ingredients

- add in the wet ingredients

- continue to stir until you have a smooth mixture, you may see a few bubbles - try not to stir for too long beyond this point

- spray your pan with fry light and leave on a medium heat

- start ladling your pancakes (one and a half tbsp)



kcals: 350

protein: 35g

carbohydrates: 40g

fat: 4g