• greek yoghurt muffins (v)

    greek yoghurt muffins (v)
    looking for a dairy-free and low sugar cake? you got it! with only 142kcal per muffin, this recipe will go down a treat for those of you who may not have the biggest sweet tooth - i think they also make a perfect breakfast muffin!
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  • oreo protein loaf (v)

    oreo protein loaf (v)
    if you need something to hit that sweet craving, then this oreo protein loaf is it! it's so soft and buttery, and contains more protein than your normal loaf cake. so, enjoy this treat guilt-free!
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  • pistachio protein porridge (v)

    pistachio protein porridge (v)
    getting your protein in is super important to achieve any fitness goal. one of the best ways to ensure a high protein breakfast is adding protein powder into your porridge. here's a little recipe for a protein porridge with some fancier toppings, but feel free to switch it up.
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  • ferrero brownies (v)

    ferrero brownies (v)
    100kcals per brownie? this recipe is a must-try! all you need to do is get everything in a bowl, give it a good stir to break those lumps and bumps and pop it in the oven. complete fool-proof recipe so don't hesitate to try, even if you're a novice in the kitchen.
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