March 26, 2021

pistachio protein porridge (v)

pistachio protein porridge (v)

getting your protein in is super important to achieve any fitness goal. one of the best ways to ensure a high protein breakfast is adding protein powder into your porridge. here's a little recipe for a protein porridge with some fancier toppings, but feel free to switch up the toppings to your preference, just keep the oats and protein powder the same.



30g wholegrain oats

30g free soul chocolate vegan protein

15g deglet-nour dates

15g pistachios

5g dark chocolate chips

1tsp desiccated coconut

5g agave nectar



- combine the oats and protein together with 120ml of boiling water (or you can put less/more water for your preferred consistency).

- add on all of the toppings and enjoy!



calories: 488kcal

protein: 28.3g

carbohydrates: 50.9g

fat: 19.6g